7 New Things to Learn This Year to Stand Out From the Crowd

If you are more focused on developing your skills then why not do it right now? It is the first month of the year and you have the entire year to complete your pending courses. Furthermore, you can also tick off some New Year’s Resolutions while you are at it. Generally, it is a win-win.

So, we have compiled a list of _new things you must learn in 2023:

  1. Learn to Code

When it comes to in-demand skills and a lucrative pay package, coding is among the best of all. And the most important thing is you should start learning coding now. It is no more an ability to code something that is usually expected of the future workforce but it is also becoming a part of daily lives. There are numerous coding courses which are designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of coding.

  • Learn the tactics for creating the best user experience ever

User Experience which is also known as UX is the basis of any product or service. Whether it is by optimising font size or page layout, classifying products on a website or anything UX professionals are responsible for making technology user friendly as possible.

  • Brush Up Your Resume

Consider that you have all the skills in the world employers would not see them if they are not general in your resume. So this year create one that will impressively showcase your experience and skills. You must be thinking about where to start right? Well, you will get guidance from plenty of guides and videos which will help you to write and design a winning resume and make your transferable skills stand out appropriately.

  • Learn the skill to write and edit the best copy

Do you want to become a copywriter? This portion is going to be very helpful for you.

Copywriting and proofreading skill are tremendously valuable in the corporate world with the increasing demand for good writers at a consistent high. Right from writing blog posts, and emails to technical writing and more, your word count.

  • Learn to edit videos

When it comes to promoting online then video is considered the way forward. With the increasing likes of Instagram reels and Youtube videos on our phones in 2023, the capability of creating and engaging videos is essential be it for a brand or individuals looking to create a following.

  • Learn to Manage Projects

Project management roles are usually available in nearly every industry starting from construction and marketing right to healthcare and finance.

What’s more, the capability of managing projects effectively is not just crucial for project managers. People in almost every job role need some core project management skills such as prioritisation, juggling several tasks, managing other people and meeting deadlines.

  • Learn to present yourself confidently

Employers value those people who have the vision of sharing their ideas clearly and confidently. But if your public speaking skills are not yarer strong point then don’t worry. There are multiple courses which will help you to overcome your nerves and get to know the technique to hook your audience and many more.

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